Ropes Attached: Solo Circumnavigations [pt. 2]



In the wake of the Laura Dekker issue, people have neglected to realize that there are still teenagers vying for approval to sail round the world alone. Watson is a 16-year old Australian girl who plans to sail -nonstop- around the world .. alone. That’s right, folks, nonstop. Not like Laura Dekker’s route, with a stop roughly every three weeks. Jessica Watson is planning to shove off next week.

If you remember our post about Laura Dekker, we were not particularly excited about her journey. I think that this journey is even less of a good idea. For one thing, I’m not alone. Andrew Cape, a seasoned veteran and the navigator of the PUMA Ocean Racing Team (he’s been with PUMA since 1997, when the Volvo was still called the Whitbread Round the World Race), has sent a letter warning Jessica Watson that her choice is a bad one.

Just keep in mind that this is a guy who sails 39,000 miles through all conditions with 10 other men. Nothing scares him anymore.

But the warning is out there.

[updated 10/12 for the Tumblr blog]


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