New Insight as to What the Route May Look Like

I just got the most recent Sailing Scuttlebutt, a daily roundup of the day’s sailing stories. Among it was an interesting quote, which provided the most insight as to what the ports may really look like for the 2011-2012 Volvo Ocean Race:

While the rest of the course is due to be officially revealed before the end of March, the Valencia Life Network published on Monday that Abu Dhabi is set to replace the Indian port of Kochi from the 2008-09 race. Said the publication, “It also appears that Qingdao is also out, but talks are underway to include Australia or New Zealand, with Miami now replacing Boston, and St Petersburg (Russia) being deleted in favour of Gothenburg (Sweden) as the final port. Several insiders expect it to read something like: Alicante/Cape Town; Cape Town/Abu Dhabi; Abu Dhabi/Australia or New Zealand; Australia or New Zealand/Rio de Janeiro; Rio de Janeiro/Miami; Miami/England; England/Gothenburg.”

This was one of the firmest predictions that we had heard so far, with sensible ports and some new routings. Australia, on Racing Winds’s list of places the VOR should go next, is very likely, seeing that it is the first time that an Australian/New Zealand port was ever on the roster.

Personally, I’d be hoping for a Australia-San Francisco leg, then a San Francisco-Rio de Janeiro leg, and then the racers would make the trek from Rio to England. However, citing the Atlantic’s treacherous waters, such a leg would require skill and some careful planning.

However, in an earlier post, I mentioned that I would like to go somewhere warm, and if anywhere, Miami would be the place to be.