Reactions to Cape Town

I’m excited that the VOR Committee has started releasing ports. I really am.

However, I feel disappointed in a way. Cape Town is not a new port at all, in fact, just last year it was the first stopover as well. So far, the 2011-2012 race is tracking just like the 2008-2009.

I know that Africa is plagued with poverty, disease, and, of course, pirates, so I am very happy that at least the Africa stopover will run smoothly because it’s not a new event to the Volvo organizers or the South African ones.

So this is a very minor disappointment, one that will go away as soon as the race begins. However, if the rest of the ports are revealed, and they’re almost exactly the same, I WILL be disappointed. Yes, Boston was great. Yes, Galway was one of the most popular ports on the race. Yes, the action in Singapore was breathtaking. But part of the mystique and challenge of the Volvo Ocean Race is exploring new lands; like a modern day Christopher Columbus on a Volvo Open 70 with RADAR and navigation.

If you can even imagine that.