New Advertisements from Racing Winds

Ten times per year, Racing Winds has a photo session where we shoot images of the book in order to use on the website and in future advertising. Today we were specifically shooting pictures for the “In the News” section of our website, and as a prop we used the March 25th edition of the Washington Post. Here are some pictures (first is the actual picture we’ll use in the advertising, then follows the “behind-the-scenes” picture showing the full set):

Racing Winds in the News

Racing Winds - In the News

Racing Winds - In the News (Behind the Scenes)

Some FAQs that people usually ask about our ads and pictures:

  • Do you use a professional photography service? Nope. Our pictures are shot with a Sony DSC-W3 digital camera, which is consumer grade. There are no fancy lenses, lighting, or set designs, just the work of one man with an autofocusing camera.
  • How do you decide what environment to put the book in? It depends what we’re shooting for. For example, if we’re marketing the book in a “Spring is in the air” type of campaign, we’ll place it outside by some blooming bushes or something like that.
  • Do customers receive the prop copies? No. We use one book for all of this filming, and we never ship that one particular book. You’ll never receive a book that’s been dirtied and worn in photo shoots.

That’s all for now – stay tuned, and you’ll see the ads appearing shortly!

Photos copyright 2010 Clearwater / Taylor Michie. Photo editing by Studio415. Do not reproduce without permission (in writing) from Racing Winds. Email for details.