Racing Winds: Insights. Part I of V.

What is “Insights?”

When I write books, I have a specific picture in my mind when I’m writing about something. Everything from the cars, to the planes, to the destinations, to the buildings, to the people, I have a specific picture in my mind. Insights is a look into my mind while I’m writing.

This Week in Insights:

I’ll be profiling the cars that I used in the book. Enriched with pictures and relevant descriptions, you’ll know exactly what I was thinking when I wrote that specific part. More after the jump:

Car #1: Lexus GS460h

In the book it was never mentioned specifically as a GS460h, just a Lexus, but here’s the image – what I was thinking:

Lexus GS460h

The lines are sleek, and the car shimmers as it takes the curves. It’s just a gleaming mass of metal, but it’s still a generic-enough luxury car that it won’t provoke people to take pictures. At a cool $56k, it’ll set you back a nice chunk of pocket change. However, the head-turning quotient makes it all worth it.

Car #2: BMW M6 Convertible

The BMW is just big. It’s commanding, and maybe not as sleek as the Lexus. However, you know it’s got your back, wherever you go:


It was good to have the FBI agents in this car as part of their cover – its big and bold, and it calls attention to itself, which is the last thing you’d expect for Federal agents. However, it sure suited them pretty well. Enjoy the ride.

Car #3: Mercedes CL63 AMG

Mercedes cars are  the ultimate in luxury – maybe the standard in luxury. It’s the perfect executive car, more exquisite than, say, a Town Car, but more mainstream than a Maserati:

Mercedes-Benz CL63 AMG

There are six of these in the book – six handmade German pieces of engineering.

Car #4: Audi S6

The Audi may be my favorite car in the whole book. It’s like riding in a bank vault, so extended, and so elegant:

Audi S6

However, I must say, that the pictures of the 2010 models were less enthralling than when I found it initially (in 2007), it’s still a mainstay.

Car #5: Volvo S80

OK, Audi, I’m sorry. The Volvo is actually my favorite car in the whole book. Most people don’t associate luxury with Volvo, but it’s a more affordable luxury, a sailing luxury. Here are some pictures of my favorite vehicle:

Volvo S80

Volvo S80

Volvo S80

Volvo S80

The Interior of the S80

I’ll just leave it at that.

For more information about any of the cars featured in this issue of Insights:

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