Test Out Our Mobile Website

We’ve just launched our mobile website! Introducing Racing Winds Mobile which makes a reduced version of our normal website available on your iPhone. We are working a BlackBerry compatible website.

In the meantime, we’d like people to test out this website. On our iPhones, it looks fine, but we just want to make sure that other iPhone users can view it as well. There are two URLs for this website. Please test out both!

Here is a screenshot of what the website should look like:

Please note as well several things you should know about this website:

  • The hyperlinks do not work. The “hyperlink 1, 2, 3” buttons are simply placeholders and you cannot click on them. That said, the “touch to call” and “touch to email” hyperlinks do work.
  • This website is developed for the iPhone. Some parts of it may not work on other smartphones and mobile web clients. (Though we would like to know if you are able to access the mobile site on another phone model).

Also, this website was developed completely in-house without the aid of a mobile website builder or code writer. It may have significant or insignificant bugs, though we have tested and tried to minimize these bugs. The website has no pictures on it in order to reduce web and data loads.

Please let us know how your experience with this site goes, either by leaving a comment on this post, sending us a tweet (@racingwinds) or calling us using the built-in touch to call button on the website.

Information for Developers

  • The website took approximately 4.5 seconds to load on a 3G network with a speed of 2599 kbps.