90 Posts Later, Looking For A New Viewpoint

This will be the 90th post since the blog started in July 2009, and we’re looking for an additional perspective to add some flavor to the blog. Here’s some (rough) criteria, it’s just a general idea of what we’re looking for:

  1. -Has a vested interest in sailing
  2. -Can write a post that has an opinion, but doesn’t rant while posting.
  3. -Has an interest in writing and knows how to write a post without multiple errors in spelling/grammar/punctuation
  4. -Is knowledgeable about the sport of sailing and can report on a variety of unique sailing-related topics.

If you or someone you know meets most of that criteria and is interested in blogging for us, we’d love to hear from you!

This isn’t a paid blogging position, but we can offer you some Racing Winds swag and a press pass to the United States Sailboat and Powerboat shows in October 2010.

Why are we looking for an additional blogger? To shake things up! Adding a new perspective should be fun and appealing to all of our readers. To view the full listing or to contact us, see the Integrate profile on RacingWinds.com/AboutUs.