A Cleaned Up Website Arrives

As most of you have probably noticed, we’ve been working on the website. We’ve introduced a lot of enhancements, most notably our “transparent panes” theme, which is present on the entrance, contact, shop, about, press, and in the news pages. We’ve also added a “help” tab to the Store to assist with any questions you may have. This new clean look has set us apart and made the site more easy to use and user-friendly than ever.

Our new homepage features an easier-to-use layout, with our Twitter feed prominently displayed, as well as an option to sign up for the email newsletter and view our social networks. Sometime in the future, we intend to introduce and even cleaner homepage into the works, much like Bryan Culver’s website.

In addition, the store page now features a help tab and a more graphical interface than the text-based interface that was present before. Specials will be more prominently displayed than in previous website updates.