Introducing International Shipping

It’s finally here. We’re opening up the Racing Winds store to international business.

Before today, we’ve only offered USPS shipping to the continental United States (a.k.a, the lower 48). Beginning soon, we’ll offer shipping to the lower 48, Alaska, Hawaii, and several international countries around the world.

Our tentative plan for international shipping is to make ordering from our store available to residents of Great Britain, Spain, and some other countries that have yet to be announced. We will be revamping the store in order to deal with an increased order load and as well as to enhance the accessibility of the store and ordering procedures.

We will not be offering a variety of shipping options in order to keep your costs down as well as our overheads in a manageable place. We have found that offering one 2-day priority domestic shipping option for $4.95 has worked incredibly well for both us and our customers. Our main shipping option is likely to be a First-Class Mail (US Postal Service) express shipment for the $11.95 ballpark.

You should begin to see the changes within about six weeks. Enjoy!