Sailboat Show Coverage This Weekend (Annapolis, MD, USA)

The United States Sailboat Show is this weekend (October 7-10), and if you’re in the DC Metro area, we encourage you to come on out! There will be wonderful displays, and if you’re in the market for a new sailboat this is your chance to score a great deal. Thursday’s entries are limited to those holding press passes, VIP badges, or people in the trade. Once Friday comes around, it’s open to the public. Unfortunately, due to some conflicts this weekend, our coverage of this event will be pretty limited. We’ll be covering on Friday from 3pm-7pm, including Ken Read of PUMA’s presentation at 4:00. We’ll be livetweeting from the show and Ken Read’s seminar, so send us our questions on Twitter or Facebook. Post them to our Facebook wall or tag them with #QRW on Twitter as well as mentioning us in the tweet. It should be a great time for all!