Website Update

Hi all! We’re making progress on our new website.

The homepage, contact page, and about page have been completely reformatted into our new page layout and design, and are now functional. Our press page is waiting in the wings after being nearly transferred into the new layout.

Over the next few days, navigation around the website may be a trial simply because the sites are now overlapped: some pages have been reformatted, but most have not. The newly reformatted pages will link to the old pages because we still need to have the content on there.

Our biggest worry is broken links. It is imperative that our site is checked for broken links. We check ourselves, but sometimes things slip through. If you notice that a button is not working, please shoot us an email at and let us know the URL of the page with the broken link and describe it. We’ll try to find a culprit and get the link back up and running.