[Updated] Sources report San Francisco will host 34th America’s Cup

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9:02 pm EST: The 34th America’s Cup Committee has issued a press release confirming that the America’s Cup will be held in San Francisco.

8:36 pm EST: Forbes is reporting that SF is the venue choice for the 34th America’s Cup, and Sailing Scuttlebutt has jumped on the boat. Both are respectable sources, and I’ll put my faith in them.

8:30 pm EST: My opinion may be slightly unpopular, especially with SF-dwellers, because I still refuse to report that SF has definitively won the venue bid for the 34th America’s Cup. The reason for that is this: When news outlets use words like “according to sources,” chances are it may be good information, but there’s an equal chance it’s not good information. Also, some news sources have claimed that “Mayor Gavin Newsom and the America’s Cup Race Authority” announced that San Francisco had won the venue bid. The reason that this is suspicious is that I have been unable to find any media releases supporting this on the websites of the City of San Francisco, BMW Oracle Racing, 34th America’s Cup, and Golden Gate Yacht Club, as well as having checked the Twitter and Facebook accounts of all parties involved.

I’m not saying that I don’t believe that San Francisco may have won the Cup bid, I’m just simply trying to be cautious until we receive definitive word from the parties involved. Stay tuned! – Taylor

8:00 pm EST: Still no news from BMW Oracle or the America’s Cup Authority. Looks good for San Francisco, though. Stay tuned. In more bizarre news, an America’s Cup blogger is reporting on Twitter that the GGYC letter was sent out erroneously. Cannot confirm that, blogger provides no source.

7:47 pm EST: Sports Illustrated is reporting that SF has gotten the cup, citing the America’s Cup Event Authority. No official press release has been issued as of this time, though.

7:37 pm EST: San Francisco’s local CBS affiliate is now reporting that San Francisco has gotten the nod for the America’s Cup.

6:52 pm EST: The iSail blog has reprinted the text of a letter from Golden Gate Yacht Club Commodore Marcus Young to its members announcing that the 34th America’s Cup will be held in San Francisco. The opening paragraph reads:

It’s official. San Francisco will be the host City for the 34 edition of the America’s Cup. After a very detailed and exhaustive negotiation, our venue team and the City of San Francisco have come to terms with a program that should make this 34th edition of the Cup the most spectacular to date.

We have no reason to believe this information is falsified, but a press release from BMW Oracle Racing and/or the city of San Francisco has yet to be issued.

6:21 pm EST: Annapolis-based sailing membership organization SailTime is also reporting that San Francisco will host the 34thAC, citing the Chronicle article.

6:06 pm EST: The San Francisco Chronicle also cites “sources” in its report that San Francisco will host the event. Continue to keep in mind, though, that a formal announcement from BMW Oracle Racing has not been made.

5:45 pm EST: Reuters has also picked up the story from the Examiner and is also reporting San Francisco will host the 34th America’s Cup.

5:40 pm EST: Paul Oliva, owner of Olvia Global Communications is reporting that Golden Gate Yacht Club members are reporting that Marcus Young, GGYC Commodore, has announced that San Francisco will host the 34th America’s Cup. BMW Oracle Racing has not officially announced a venue.

4:25 pm EST (original post): The San Francisco Examiner is reporting that BMW Oracle Racing has chosen San Francisco to host the 34th America’s Cup in 2013, citing sources close to the organization.

These reports cannot be independently verified until BMW Oracle Racing officially announces its venue choice. The announcement has a deadline of today, December 31st.

San Fransicso was one of four rumored cities to have submitted bids for the America’s Cup; Newport, RI and an unnamed city in Italy are also in the running. Some news outlets have also reported an unidentified city in the United States to be the fourth choice.

Stay tuned to the Racing Winds Blog and our Twitter feed as information becomes available.


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