Brad Van Liew Rounds Cape Horn in the V5O Race


43-year old Brad Van Liew has rounded Cape Horn, the southernmost point on the Tierra del Fuego archipelago in Chile. The Velux 5 Oceans leader is the only American ever to have rounded the Cape three times.

Cape Horn is perhaps the Mount Everest of sailing. It’s extremely hazardous conditions have literally made it a ship’s graveyard. Sailors face rogue waves, heavy winds, and sometimes even icebergs. These conditions are caused by the convergence of the Southern into an only 400 mile-wide gap between South America and Antarctica. The pressure caused by the squeezing of such a large amount of water into such a “narrow” opening sets the stage for treachery.

Speaking at 1200 UTC, Van Liew was facing roughly 40-60 knot winds as he came within 120 miles of the Cape. He later rounded successfully.

We congratulate Brad on maintaining such an impressive lead and mastering a truly impressive feat!