GGYC Commodore Denies ORACLE Funding Control

By Norbert Bajurin, GGYC Commodore
Regarding your ‘Insider’ comments in Scuttlebutt 3322, you are correct that
Golden Gate Yacht Club is the home club of ORACLE Racing, of which we are
exceptionally proud. However, your suggestion that Mr. Ellison funded the
club to gain control of our Board is false. As I am the one who in 2001
forged the deal with ORACLE Racing, I can attest that there was never any
funding exchanged for Board seats.

Your assertion that ORACLE Racing controls our Board is totally untrue. You
should check your facts before publishing such incorrect and misleading
information. There are twelve seats on our Board of Directors of which only
three are filled by individuals who also are ORACLE Racing team members.
This highly contrasts with your statement that they control half of the

And yes, Tom Ehman is our new Vice Commodore. He has been a popular GGYC
member for ten years and brings experience as both a board member and flag
officer from a number of other clubs – to say nothing of 30 years of
America’s Cup experience. He was elected for those strong attributes. Tom
and the two other directors from ORACLE Racing are key assets for GGYC; I
am sure there are many other clubs that would be as proud as we are to have
them serve on their Boards.

As long as we are talking about GGYC Board members, we also have a banker
as treasurer, an attorney as a director, an engineer as our Rear Commodore,
and our Past Commodore is a marketing/communications guru. Myself? I am
just an auto air-conditioning mechanic. Perhaps your ‘Insider’ should visit
my shop in downtown San Francisco as it appears he or she is blowing a lot
of “hot air.”

=> Curmudgeon’s Comment: My apologies for the confusion. The information
posted in Scuttlebutt 3122 came from the GGYC website which lists only six
directors, three of which being from the Oracle Racing team. Norbert tells
me the website will be updated soon. —

Reprinted from tonight’s edition of Scuttlebutt