PUMA Migrates to Europe

After winning the Transatlantic Race in both IRC Class 1 and IRC Overall, PUMA headed to Lanzarote, Spain. Ken Read’s crew reached the Canary Islands on Friday, ready to start a new phase in their training.

“The shore team met us at the dock, and there was a really nice celebration from the team, marina and the locals here in Lanzarote,” said skipper Read. “After a well-earned shower, the first steps are always to eat as much as you can possibly stuff down, have a few beers and relax. Then, the next couple days we’ll go back to work hard.

“We’re all really pleased with not only the Transatlantic Race result, but also with the boat and the people. We talked about what we can do better and how we can improve. So, our work list is that much better because of the last days we’ve spent together.”

With the PUMA shore base set up, the Puerto Calero Marina in Lanzarote is now the team’s summer training headquarters. The crew will use the next two months to test the boat, sails, people and systems.

“Lanzarote was selected for a few reasons,” Read said. “First of all, the guys on our team who sailed with Ericsson 4 last time trained here and had a fantastic experience – from the community to the sailing. And, it is the sailing conditions that we need now in this next phase. This amount of breeze will allow us to test things that we weren’t able to check in Newport.”

Coming from Newport, Rhode Island, the skipper is happy with the dual training arrangement. “That’s the beauty of training in two different places – two completely different areas, different weather patterns, different water temperatures – there are all kinds of variables that are critical to preparation.”