[Video] Telefonica Tipped for Testing

Telefónica was tipped on one side today as she was put through the mandatory pull-down test as part of a series of safety checks.

Photo by Maria Munia / Team Telefonica

The team’s Volvo Open 70 Telefónica was laid over to 40 degrees with the use of its hydraulic canting keel – a test all Volvo Open 70s must go through to prove they can handle the extreme pressures exerted on them and are safe to race.

“This test basically involves exerting the maximum pressure possible onto the structure and the keel hydraulics,” said Horacio Carabelli, Team Telefónica’s Technical Director and Shore Crew Manager.

“The boat’s structure and keel hydraulics system respond to extreme conditions with just one cylinder working, to simulate a fault in one of the cylinders.”

The yacht was also measured, weighed and scrutineered both in and out of the water to ensure her safety and stability.

Telefónica is the latest Volvo Open 70 to pass the safety tests. PUMA Ocean Racing’s Mar Mostro was given the seal of approval last week.

Photos, text, and video via Volvo Ocean Race and Team Telefonica


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