Loving Morocco :: Exploring Fes and a Traditional Wedding

This post is part of our series of trip reports on Morocco.

As I detailed in the Introduction, the main purpose for being in Fes was to attend a traditional Moroccan wedding of some family friends. But while we weren’t attending wedding-related events, we were exploring the streets of Fes and seeing all they had to offer.


The leather dye vats in the medina of Fes.

The entrance to the medina of Fes.

Traditional Moroccan tiles in the Medina.

The wedding was scheduled to start at 5:30 PM local time, and lasted until about midnight local. Dinner was served afterwards at about 12:30. The wedding concluded with deserts at 1:30 AM.

The bride and groom’s table in the wedding hall.

A beautiful sunset in preparation for the wedding.

The bride and groom preparing for their entrance.


Additional Photos

For additional photos of Fes, click here to see Taylor’s Flickr set.

For additional photos of the wedding, click here to see Taylor’s Flickr set.