A Social Future for Brand Loyalty

The good folks at Simpliflying have just released a new infographic about loyalty. It’s really fascinating stuff, and we’ve included their comments along with the infographic below so you can give it a look-see.

“Given your interest in insights from the social web, we thought you’d be interested in our latest infographic. We, at SimpliFlying, have just produced and published a new infographic on the future of loyalty programs on our website. It’s been produced after an extensive survey of over 200 Frequent Fliers who fly at least 5 times a year. It contains some remarkable insights about the booking behaviour of patrons, their online social behaviour, triggers of loyalty and most importantly the social future of loyalty programs.

Some of the key insights are:
  1. There are more airlines on Twitter than there are airlines with frequent flyer programs (191 vs 179)
  2. Almost 90% of frequent flyers use Facebook regularly, and over 65% “Like” at least one airline on Facebook
  3. To frequent fliers cheapest fare is the least significant loyalty factor among customer service, earning loyalty points and onboard experience
  4. 72% of frequent fliers would join a social loyalty program
  5. Over 65% of frequent fliers would like to earn social loyalty points via check-ins or by contributing ideas to an airline’s Facebook page.
  6. Over 80% of frequent fliers would like to earn social loyalty points by recommending the airline to a friend or providing positive feedback.
For your convenience, I’m attaching the infographic as an image. You’re welcome to post it on your website with a link back to our original post. A pdf version is also available for download here.
You can find more airline infographics by SimpliFlying at http://bit.ly/sfinfographics. We hope you enjoy the attached infographic and we look forward to hearing from you about it.”