Racing Winds Introduces First Annual Racing Winds Awards (Update1)

After our visit to the United States Sailboat Show today, we were feeling a bit inspired. We set foot on so many incredible boats and we felt compelled to recognize that. This officially introduces the first annual Racing Winds Awards, where we recognize boats who have made an impact on the industry, either through design, performance, aesthetics, or a combination of all three. Beginning tomorrow, we will begin awarding boats through the blog. Each award post will include photos as well as a summary description of the boat and what we like about it.

The three judging categories are:

  • Best New or Up-and-Coming Design: Performance Multihulls’ PT-11
  • Best Exterior and/or Interior Aesthetics: TBA
  • Best New Redesign or Modification to Existing: TBA
Follow us on Twitter to get the latest updates. We will begin posting tomorrow the award-winners, as well as a boat show roundup and a look-ahead to the next event.

Photo and text by Taylor Michie. Copyright 2011 Racing Winds Media.


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