[STATS] Racing Winds Reports Most Monthly Web Traffic Ever

Now that October’s officially over, we can report that October was our busiest month on record ever, and traffic doubled over the previous month. This represents the fourth consecutive month that the Racing Winds Blog saw an increase in traffic.

We also consider October the end of our summer season, which runs from April to October. This summer was also our largest summer on record, and traffic from April-October represented over 60% of the total traffic that the blog has seen since its inception in May 2010.

We do not publish exact numbers (we can’t reveal all our secrets!) but we can say that we passed a very important milestone this month! Furthermore, October 31, 2011, yep, Halloween, was our busiest day ever, surpassing the day where we wrote about Natalie Franke and Krista Jones by just a couple views.

To date, our top ranked posts remain:

  1. A behind-the-scenes post I wrote about the cars used in my book Racing Winds.
  2. Our coverage of Olivia Constants’ accident and subsequent foundation fundraising (see here and here for more OC-related coverage)
  3. A review of the PUMA spray pants from the PUMA Ocean Racing Collection of clothing and apparel.
  4. Our post about the great day with Natalie and Krista.
  5. Our editorial post about Abby Sunderland.

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