Transat Jacques Vabre: Virbac-Paprec 3 Finish On Top

Jean-Pierre Dick and Jérémie Beyou crossed the finish line of the tenth edition of the Transat Jacques Vabre at 08h 15mn 54s, UTC/GMT this Friday morning, or 02h 15mn 54s local time on the finish line in Puerto Limon, Costa Rica. The French duo set a new monohull record for the race course from Le Havre – Puerto Limon. They improve the previous 2009 record by one hour and seven minutes.

The two men hugged each other, Dick now a three times winner of this race and twice winner of the double handed Barcelona World Race round the world.  He is unbeaten in IMOCA Open 60 double handed races. Local Caribbean bands greeted the winners of the 2011 edition in the very early hours of the morning.
Their elapsed time is  15d 18h 15mn 54 secs Their average speed course on the theoretical course of 4730 miles is 12.51 knots. They have traveled 5167 miles on the water at an average speed of 13.66 knots.

Jean-Pierre, about his third win …

“It is really cool to win with such an lead. And a third victory in the Transat Jacques Vabre brings a lot of good feelings because it is exceptional. It’s a bit of a rewards, a success to reward sucha lot of work before and it’s also all this work we will be celebrating tonight.

About the intensity of the race

Jérémie Beyou: “We were on it constantly November 2. Last night was a bit stressy. It was a bit random and difficult in the squalls, a sail went in the water, it was tough. For me this is my first win in the Transat Jacques Vabre, but Jean Pierre collects them like a string of beads.

Jean-Pierre: “It was a tough race, like the north face of the Matterhorn. The first week was really hard. Our boats have become like war machines. Not much sleep the first few days, it was hell, luckily, I had brought earphones to bank out the creaking of the boat. After two days, we managed to sleep but the start of the race was difficult for us, it took a while to find our rhythm and settle into the right mode. It was good with Jérémie to work to reach our goals. We made things come together right.  We took the right course, the right options. After that, it was a battle of speed with Hugo Boss, they pushed us
Jérémie. We became untouchable because we were so highly motivated and pushing.

This northern route was also the hardest …

Jean-Pierre: “There was a psychological aspect side, from the late start.  Everyone wondered: are we going? Are we going to break the boats? The pressure was rising. Some may be said, ‘I would never go there’. We, the boat has done a round the world and a half. A key aspect of this boat is that it is strong. We felt comfortable in using this option and we went north. “

On their physical condition at the finish

Jérémie: “We realized after 8 days of racing that we had not even eaten half the food for the first week. We had not eaten much, not slept much. We caught up with food the food and then physically, it’s okay, because we did not stop to maneuver. Strength wise  physically, is has moved on, developed. Now, there was pressure all the time. Even when we ended up with a little ahead, we wanted to keep moving ahead of Hugo Boss. And we do not relent!”

Jean-Pierre: “What Jérémie says is true. We had a good preparation. Even when we were really pressed, it was difficult, we managed to stay on top of it. We continued to carefully analyze the weather to make clear decisions and that is down to fitness. And that’s important given the intensity of the races we are in now.”

The race of Virbac-Paprec 3
Jean Pierre Dick has always formed winning IMOCA Open 60 partnerships. It is the third victory in the Transat Jacques Vabre for Jean Pierre Dick. He won at his first attempt with Nicolas Abiven in 2003, again in 2005 with Loïc Peyron, the partner with whom he then went on to win this year’s Barcelona World Race, double handed around the world. Dick also won the Barcelona World Race in 2007-8 with Irish co-skipper Damian Foxall.
Jérémie Beyou wins his first major IMOCA Open 60 race, racing for the first time in an offshore race partnership with Dick after victory in this summer’s solo Solitaire du Figaro in the Figaro class.
Jean-Pierre Dick remains unbeaten in the IMOCA Class in the double-handed discipline.

Eleven days by the north face.
In fact Virbac-Paprec 3 lead out of the bay of Le Havre, passing the General Metzinger buoy, but the win of Virbac-Paprec 3 has its foundations on two major strategic decisions. On the morning of Sunday November 6th, after Wednesday’s start, while passing the longitude of the Azores and setting up for the third big system since the start, the majority of the IMOCA Open 60 fleet hold south to escape the worst of the bad weather. Virbac Paprec 3 stay on the north routing with Hugo Boss and with Bureau Vallée and Gamesa. By the next day, November 7th on the 1100hrs positions report Virbac-Paprec 3 are in the lead again and are never passed. Ten different IMOCA Open 60’d lead the race at different stages, Safran, Groupe Bel, Cheminées Poujoulat, Bureau Vallée, Hugo Boss, Macif, Banqe Populaire and PRB.
The second gain is two days later when the main groupe again stay south to seek the trade winds and end up struggling for breeze, and the three in the north always profit. On November 11th their margin to Macif in third is 305 miles. So their northern route was the hardest, but the most effective, experiencing the strongest winds and biggest seas. They broke nothing major and paced themselves perfectly.


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