[BREAKING] Mar Mostro Closer Than Ever to Tristan

As of November 26, 2011 at 4:02:42 UTC, the Volvo Ocean Race Tracker showed PUMA quite close to a landmass in the South Atlantic Ocean. While the race tracker does not show the name of the landmass, a coordinate comparison between Mar Mostro’s last reported position and the lat/long position of Tristan da Cunha, it would appear that Mar Mostro is quite close to the island.

Google Maps reports the official position of Tristan da Cunha as 37° 4′ 0″ S, 12° 19′ 0″ W (-37.066667, -12.316667 in Google Maps readable format). The Volvo Ocean Race Tracker reports the last position of Mar Mostro as 37° 1′ 78″ S, 12° 22′ 45″ W.

This indicates that Mar Mostro is nearly right on top of the island. They will undoubtedly dock there sometime in the middle of the night (EST). It is currently 11:40 PM EST, 4:40 AM UTC. The above position report was issued about 40 minutes ago, so hopefully we’ll be able to update you with good news in the morning.

Please note that we cannot guarantee the accuracy of position reports or other data. This is simply an analysis using the information provided by the Volvo Ocean Race.