[APP REVIEW] Delta Air Lines iPhone App is First Class

Atlanta-based Delta Air Lines is the world’s largest airline in terms of passenger traffic. In 2010, Delta flew nearly 162.7 million passengers to 247 mainline destinations worldwide. With that amount of people on the go, Delta needs a mobile application that can satisfy the needs of their extensive customer base. Overall, Delta has a very strong iPhone application with many good attributes. First, the good things.

The app's splash screen.


The app is very clean and well-laid out. It is both visually appealing as well as user-friendly. The clean lines of the app are a far cry from cluttered, text-based mobile websites that many airlines offer.

The app opens with a very pleasing Delta logo projected on the screen, which starts out small then gets much larger. It’s the app’s own unique loading bar, instead of having the typical spinning gear or something similar.

Main Menu

The app’s main menu is extremely well laid out. It features several options, which include the following:

The app's main menu. The "Hi, 'your name'" at the top of the menu is a fantastic touch.

  • Find My Trip, which allows you to look up existing reservations.
  • Check Flight Status, which allows you to see the status of scheduled, completed, or airborne flights from the day prior, the current day, and the next day.
  • See Flight Schedules, which allows you to search flight schedules for a certain route on a certain date.
  • Track My Bags, which allows you to check the status of your checked baggage and see the status of your claim if your luggage has been lost.
  • Traveling With Us, which includes information about airport layouts, parking, seat maps, and SkyClub locations and amenities.

Flight Status
Checking flight status couldn’t be easier. Simply touch Check Flight Status, and the app immediately responds. After a quick input of your flight number and date, easy to understand results are displayed. You can also search by route if you don’t know the flight number.

The flight status results screen is well laid out, and show the current status of the flight as well as the aircraft, gates, and flight time. You can also click on the airport name to see maps, layouts, and other useful information, which brings us to the next part of the review.

Travel Information
Delta’s app has an extensive Travel Information section, which allows you to view airport layout maps, seat maps, and the location of and amenities at SkyClubs around the world.

The app automatically detects airports currently around you, or you can manually enter an airport or airport code. Selecting an airport brings up an airport control panel where you can see the weather, airport maps, and SkyClub locations and amenities. (click photo to enlarge)

Baggage Tracking

Perhaps one of the most exciting features of the entire app is the ability to track your bags. Yes, that’s right, you can track your bags like you’re tracking a box.

Simply enter the claim number found on your claim check, or scan the barcode, and your bag info will pop up, and can even tell you what carousel your bag is spinning round on.

Check out this Delta video to see how bag tracking works.

The Caveat

The most obvious downside to the app is the lack of ability to book a flight. You can view flight schedules, but you cannot actually book a ticket through the app. Delta does have a mobile website where you can book a ticket, but it lacks the full-featuredness that the app has.

Hopefully this review has been useful; we strongly recommend the Delta iPhone app and think it’s off to a great start. If they add booking functionality, it’ll be the road warrior’s dream.

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