[VIDEO] PUMA’s Knight in Shining Armor

As the boys of Mar Mostro kick back a little on one of the world’s most remote islands (check out the video above), their knight in shining armor is on it’s way.

PUMA’s white knight, the cargo ship TEAM BREMEN, is on its way to rescue the stranded sailors and their broken yacht from the world’s most remote inhabited settlement at Tristan da Cunha. The freighter departed Cape Town at just after 0200 UTC and is expected to complete the 1,500 nautical mile voyage to the volcanic island in four days, arriving on December 2.

PUMA’s boat builder Chris Hill is the lone shore crewmember on board and is travelling with the newly constructed cradle, plus a 20-foot shipping container packed with tools, supplies, personal items for the sailors and freeze dried food for their return journey.

On arrival, the team will have the delicate task of using a crane on board TEAM BREMEN to lift Mar Mostro from her mooring and onto her cradle on the ship.  All being well, the team and the yacht should arrive in Cape Town on December 6.

Simultaneously, the team’s second mast is making its trip from the United States to Cape Town, and is expected to arrive on Friday.

Meanwhile, the team have kept themselves amused thanks to the warm hospitality of the Tristan locals who are all too happy to have fresh faces amongst their population of around 275 people.

Media Crew Member Amory Ross said the team checked out the island’s golf course yesterday, and despite meeting some less hospitable locals, spirits were high:

Today’s sport outing was offensive. The PUMA Ocean Racing team was invited to play at the Tristan Golf Course, a beautiful nine-hole establishment built into the side of a volcano, and while the scenery certainly lived up to its reputation, we were insulted by some of the on-site manners. Several club members kept eating grass and, among other things, the occasional golf ball. One bull of an occupant wouldn’t get out of my way; he just stood there staring! Another had the audacity to go to the bathroom, in public. For such a lovely island with such friendly people, they really must do something about their course residents. Holy cow were they rude!

Life away from Tristan golf continues for the 11 of us from PUMA’s Mar Mostro. We had a heck of a first day here that involved little but rest, food, and drink. We are catered for by the locals and one thing that was made immediately clear: food will never be in short supply. We have three home cooked meals a day–thank you Felicity and Joanna! Living arrangements include two adjacent houses located exactly between the dock and the pub. Perfect. Two of us stay out on the boat each night just to make sure the anchorage remains safe. There’s an internet café with three computers connecting us to the outside world. There’s a small store, a church, and a school. Outside of that, there’s not much. Life here is very simple.

We all have work to do before the freighter gets here, but the Tristanians are eager to entertain when we have time to spare. They have been incredibly generous already and have also organized an excursion to nearby Nightingale Island to see the penguins and albatross, a tour of their fishery, and an all-day hike to the volcano summit some 2,700 meters above our heads. The local soccer, “football”, club wants to take a run at us, too. We’re banking on Marmo for the win…with eight legs he better be good!

Otherwise, spirits remain high. It was tough looking at the pictures of Telefónica arriving in Cape Town, but so is life and we have to accept it as such. Everyone’s doing a good job staying positive and focused despite the current predicament. Michi is on permanent “TEAM BREMEN” watch, our freighter, and he’s been providing us with its hourly whereabouts. It will be a few days before she’s here, but we’re counting down the minutes until we can resume our easterly progress towards Cape Town.

Gotta run! Team meeting in front of the TV for some Brazilian F1 racing.

All the best from PUMA Ocean Racing, middle of the South Atlantic.



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