[TRIBUTE] The @RunwayGirl Blog Has Reached Its Final Destination

UPDATE: Mary Kirby is now @APEXMary on Twitter.

If you’re at all familiar with airline passenger experience, you probably know who Mary Kirby is, better known as @RunwayGirl on Twitter. She’s a fantastic follow, and does a lot of cool things. But best of all, she tells things like they are.

Anyway, Mary’s last day at her current aviation media company, Flightglobal, is tomorrow. This post is meant to be a tribute to the great week she’s done at Flightglobal. Since I got on Twitter in June 2009, Mary has been on my follow list, and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. You can read her uncensored goodbye post here, and I encourage you to follow her @RunwayGirl on Twitter.

I’ve never actually met Mary, but I hope to someday. She’ll be joining the passenger experience team at APEX, which will doubtless be a great fit for her. Here’s to new horizons, Mary!


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