[SCHEDULE] Upcoming Features on the Racing Winds Blog

We’ve got some exciting features coming up on the Racing Winds Blog in the next ten days. Check out the schedule below and mark your calendars. Posts will be sent to our various Twitter accounts, which include @racingwinds, @WindsSailing, and @WindsTravel.

Week of December 5

  • [ANALYSIS] What Does MedCup Folding Mean for Sailing?
  • [OPINION] The Future of Youth Sailing
  • Michael O’Leary: Hatred Well Earned

Week of December 12

  • [ANALYSIS] Year of the Low Cost Carriers
  • [OPINION] Don’t Ask Me To Give Up My Seat on a Plane
  • [GEAR REVIEW] Gill Breathable Drysuit

Week of December 19

  • The Year in Review: 2011’s Best Moments From Around The World