[ROUNDUP] BoatsOn.TV Weekly Sailing Roundup

Here’s what this week’s BoatsOn.TV weekly roundup includes:

# 1 2011 China Cup Regatta, China
# 2 2011-12 Global Ocean Race Leg 2 Start Cape Town to Wellington, NZ
# 3 2011 Supremesurf Big Days Contest Germany
# 4 2011 Trophy Jules Verne Record Attempt Banque Populaire V
# 5 2011-12 Volvo Ocean Race
# 6 “Fresh to Frightening” this week features the world’s longest 130 foot Racing Maxi-Trimaran, Banque Populaire V, screaming across the ocean at stunning speed past a cruising catamaran. Hello ……….. Goodbye!

You can find this week’s roundup right here.