Why Jetsetter.com is The Coolest Thing Ever

For travel addicts and jet setters, sometimes making people understand the appeal of the lifestyle is difficult. Mileage runs, far-flung adventures … it’s all very PanAm-esque. Not everyone gets it.

But Jetsetter definitely does.

Jetsetter, Gilt Groupe’s wanderlust-inspiring travel deals site, is no stranger to exotic adventures. Take, for example, some of the site’s current offerings. You can travel to the North Pole onboard a nuclear-powered icebreaking ship, spend a night or two in a treehouse on the Carribbean island of Dominica, or observe the city of Bangkok from the State Tower’s 63rd floor alfresco restaurant, Sirocco.

As a member of Jetsetter, I watch the sales come and go. A daily email greets me in my inbox describing the day’s sales. And while I’ve never actually bought anything from Jetsetter, my wanderlust always kicks in the moment I visit their website.

Jetsetter doesn’t just sell hotels, they sell experiences. On each offering’s page, they include travel tips, nearby attractions, consumer reviews, and a well-written description from a Jetsetter correspondent who has actually visited the property.

Jetsetter runs on the flash-sale principle, meaning they offer hotels or resorts for purchase for anywhere from 24 hours to seven days. A useful feature is that Jetsetter allows consumers to see a brief description of upcoming sales.

Savings by purchasing on Jetsetter can vary. Hotels booked well in advance are often the losers, as many hotels offer a nonrefundable advance purchase rate which is paid in full at the time of booking.

For example, at London’s One Aldwych, regarded as one of the greatest in London, a standard room retails for $369/night when booked 5+ days in advance. By comparison, Jetsetter offers the same room at $427, which is on par with the hotel’s Best Available Rate, which can be cancelled 24 hours in advance with no penalty.

By contrast, at the Paresa Resort in Phuket, Thailand, a Talay Suite retails for $270/night on Jetsetter, which also includes an automatic 25% discount on spa services. The same suite (minus the spa discount) is listed for $540 on the resort’s website. This is a spectacular savings of roughly half. Clearly, this is a great deal.

Jetsetter has apps for both iPad and iPhone, so that would-be buyers are never out of the loop. Even if you’re not a frequent peruser of luxury travel, the free iOS apps are well worth a download, even if for nothing more than a brief burst of wanderlust.

Jetsetter is an invite-only website from the Gilt Groupe. Follow this link to join, and you’ll receive a $25 credit for your spending pleasure. Photos via the Huffington Post and Jetsetter.com.

NOTE: The figures provided above are provisional and should not be used in a booking decision. In both situations, foreign currencies were converted to USD at existing exchange rates, which have a tendency to change from day to day.