[APP REVIEW] JetBlue Finally Releases iPhone App

JetBlue has finally joined the iPhone app ecosystem and released their first official iPhone app. It’s one of the better airline applications I’ve seen. It’s easy to use, attractive, and quite functional.

Gotta love the…

  • Interface: JetBlue’s iPhone app has a simple, grid-like system that is responsive, vibrant, and unlike any other iPhone app. JetBlue has completely eliminated the traditional iPhone-esque buttons and toggles, and replaced them with more minimalist, clean-cut buttons and menus.
  • Customization: The JetBlue app has a high level of personalization and customization features. You can use the app as a guest, or you can connect your TrueBlue account with it. It will show you your upcoming itineraries and even change the home screen as your trip draws nearer.
  • Geo-location: When searching flight status, booking a trip, or doing a location-related function, the app shows an option to find airports nearby.
  • Consolidation: JetBlue has stored all of their travel policies, contracts of carriage, and inflight food/beverage menus in one place. You can see DirecTV channel listings, XM channel listings, learn about inflight services, and more all in one simple place.

Jury’s still out on…

  • Speed: On our test iPhone 4, the app seemed a bit slow in certain sections. Often, these sections were ones that went out to the internet and accessed a mobile webpage there, which could explain the sluggishness. A second go resulted in more favorable speed results, but nothing’s certain at this point.
  • Booking: While the screen where you actually input your airports, dates, passengers, etc. is clean and easy to use, the part where you actually select a flight is a little strange. It’s basically one great big text-filled page with some radio buttons scattered about. The page could be smartened up with some different tones and a cleaner layout.
  • Mobile goodies: There’s no mobile boarding pass capability (for now … JetBlue says that additional features will be released throughout 2012, and that capability may very well be included).

Thumb’s down to…

  • Availability: The app is still a native iPhone app. No word on Android/Blackberry/lesser known phone systems as of yet.

Photos and fine print…

Check out our many screenshots below. JetBlue has also launched a new desktop site, which is a dream to use. You can check it out here.

Screenshots by Racing Winds Media. Featured photo by Taylor Michie for the Racing Winds Blog. Edited using FXPhotoStudio and Labelbox.