Introducing the New Racing Winds Blog

Making a change is never easy, especially when you don’t know how that change is going to be received. But sometimes, you just take a leap of faith and it pays off. Earlier last year, we consolidated two blogs into one, and we turned The Racing Winds Blog into both a sailing and travel blog. Now, we’re taking that one step further.

Jetsetting at Madrid's Barajas Airport. Photo by Taylor Michie.

From today, The Racing Winds Blog becomes a blog about the way we explore the world: by land, air, and sea. Cultures are discovered, customs are shared, and passports fill up. In 2009, The Racing Winds Blog began as a source of information about sailing. We had no idea what we were doing at the time (and maybe we still don’t), but we know one thing for sure: we love sailing and we love travel.

Sailing is a global sport. Take the Volvo Ocean Race, for example. Teams spend nine months sailing round the world in the quest to become the universe’s best sailing team. Along the way, stops are made at ports on six continents, each with their own culture and way of life. This year, the Volvo Ocean Race truly went global, starting in Europe and making its way to Cape Town, Abu Dhabi, and, most recently, Sanya, China. Already three continents have been explored, and each stopover incorporates the local way of life into sailing.

The new Racing Winds Blog aims to incorporate all ways of travel – land, air, sea – with news, experiences, multimedia, and more. We will continue our coverage of the Volvo Ocean Race and many other extraordinary sailing events, and we will write more about our experiences on the road.

The Blog’s new tagline is The Global Life, a reflection of the new content which we will be providing. With this change, The Racing Winds Blog aims to become a multimedia diary of exploring the earth, regardless of how it’s done. I’ve learned that there’s no wrong way to travel. It’s open to interpretation, and everyone does it differently, and that’s what makes it so incredible.

So come along with The Racing Winds Blog, and explore the world with us. Here’s to travel, and to our next leap of faith …