[UPDATED] Technical Difficulties: Our Short URL Isn’t Working

Updated 3/2 4:41 EST : It now appears that the issue has not been resolved, and rwinds.tk links have stopped working. We have again reached out to the DNS provider to see what the issue is. If you wish to visit a rwinds.tk-shortened domain, please follow instructions below to do so.

For the immediate future, new posts on @racingwinds and @WindsSailing will be shortened using go.rwinds.tk, which does work.

Updated 3/2 3:41 EST : The issue appears to have been resolved. We have tested several rwinds.tk links and have found them to be working. Please let us know if you find different results or encounter further problems with our domain name.

Updated 3/2 1:41 EST : We have verified the problem and the DNS provider has repaired it on their end. Our short URL is in the process of coming back online. Please allow 2-3 hours for all links to be restored. Thank you for your patience.

Original: If you follow us on Twitter, you know we shorten links with our custom short URL, rwinds.tk. We use this domain to link to all blog posts we publish to Twitter.

For some reason, the domain has randomly stopped working. We don’t see any problems on our end and have reached out to the domain provider to see what the deal is.

For now, all RWINDS.TK URLs will no longer work. If you’d like to access a RWINDS.TK link, replace the ‘RWINDS.TK’ with ‘BIT.LY’. An example is shown below.

http://rwinds.tk/yK43Ys becomes http://bit.ly/yK43Ys.

We will keep you updated and hopefully this issue will be resolved sooner rather than later.