[APP REVIEW] TideTrac: A Great On-the-Water Utility

The tide can be unpredictable, but TideTrac aims to give you the best chance possible to predict tidal conditions.

The Positives

TideTrac is not a fancy app. The interface, however, is powerful. TideTrac not only shows you basic information like high tide time, low tide time, and sun/moon rise/set, but it actually allows you to track the tide level throughout the day with a slider located on the app’s front screen. The slider can be manipulated to reflect the tide at different times of the day or night.

TideTrac also shows forecasted tides for the next three days, as well as the tides for the upcoming month in both a tabular and graphical format. The pictures really speak for themselves, and you’ll see how simple the app is to navigate and utilize.


The simplification of the app is generally nice, but it would be nice to see minor interface improvements, including the de-blurrifying of the tide table, which, as you can see, still has some resolution problems. Otherwise, the app is a pleasure to use.


  • Stations: There are about a bajillion tracking stations throughout the coastal United States. International users will be disappointed, though, because the app only tracks tides at coastal United States stations.
  • Compatibility: The app is built for iPhone and iPad. We tested it on an iPhone 4, and it was lightning fast on both Wi-Fi and 3G networks.
  • Cost: $1.99 (click here to open in iTunes)

Perfect for …

The app is perfect for fishermen, surfers, sailors, beachgoers, and anyone else that might need to know the tidal conditions. As far as magic tide-predicting apps go, we give this one very high marks. The simple interface packs a punch that no other purely tide-casting app can match. With a few minor touch-ups to the aesthetics of the interface, TideTrac will be well-worth it for anyone who relies on the ways of the moon to provide them with some enjoyment.

Disclaimer: TideTrac’s developer, Rivolu, provided us with the app for free for review purposes. However, all opinions are our own.


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