[UPDATE] Louis Vuitton’s America’s Cup Watch Appears on Website

Awhile back we blogged about the America’s Cup Tambour Regatta watch, made specially for the Cup by Louis Vuitton. It looks super cool, and has a ton of awesome features.

There was no price in the press release, and we couldn’t find it online anywhere. A recent browse of the Louis Vuitton website, however, turned up both editions of the watches, complete with their pricetags. There’s bad news and bad news. Which do you want first?

The first piece of bad news is that you are only able to buy the watch in stores. You can’t purchase it off the Louis Vuitton website.

The other bad news is that both editions of the watch will set you back a good chunk of change (unless, of course, you’re Larry Ellison). The regular version of the watch will burn a $6,200 hole in your pocket, while the automatic (and decidedly cooler-looking) version, will cost you a cool $11,300.

So if any of you middle-class sailors out there had any illusions about owning one of these awesome watches, like we did, you can probably push those aside for now. Maybe you can ask Mr. Ellison for one, surely he has extras …