Introducing MediaExploration, a New Racing Winds Project

When we went to Morocco last May, we were super excited to share our experiences with you. We did so through standard trip reports, blog posts, and by posting links to our massive photo galleries on Flickr. But as we reexamined our trip, nearly a year later, this overwhelming amount of information presented was just that: an overwhelming amount of information. But today, that all changes, as we introduce MediaExploration, a new way to experience the world.

To share our experiences in Morocco, and other places, we’ve decided to utilize a new medium. The project, called MediaExplorations, will utilize a tool called Projeqt; it’s a tool that we think is a great way to immerse readers in the cultural experience, not just throw information at them.

We’re still working out the kinks on how it’ll be organized and what the final thing will look like, but you can check out the early stages of our Projeqt, called MediaExplorations: Morocco, here. The final thing should be complete, with all content loaded, by sometime in mid- to late-May. So far, we plan on introducing another MediaExplorations project for Spain, and will continue to introduce new MediaExplorations to give readers a taste of the world as the travel comes together.