[VIDEO] Groupama, PUMA Still Fight for Lead

PUMA Ocean Racing and Groupama are still vying for the top podium place. They’ve been neck and neck the entire race, and, currently, PUMA is the top dog … er, cat, rather.

But Groupama isn’t out of the number one place by a long shot. They’re less than a nautical mile behind the ferocious PUMA, and will likely trade the lead a few more times before the finish in Itajai, currently around 770 nm away.

As for the other boats, Team Telefonica is back in the race after stopping for repairs, and are moving at around 13 knots, roughly 75 miles away from lead boat PUMA.

As we’ve said many times, Team Sanya is currently in the process of shipping their boat to Savannah, GA, where it will be repaired and then sailed to Miami for the in-port race there, come May. CAMPER has nearly reached Puerto Montt, Chile, where they will be conducting brief repairs before continuing onto Itajai.

A rather peculiar case is that of Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing. The latest race tracking information shows the team making a near bee-line for Chile, thought the Volvo Ocean Race hasn’t announced anything regarding the condition of their boat. It’s pretty obvious that something’s gone wrong, as they’re not heading anywhere near Cape Horn, and appear to be following the same track that CAMPER did on their way to Puerto Montt.

A quick consult of the Volvo Ocean Race’s photo library shows several pictures of the boys onboard Abu Dhabi inspecting the hull for what is described as “minor damages.” However, the sudden change in course suggest that things are perhaps more serious than they seem.

We’ll keep you updated with new information as it becomes available.


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