[VIDEO] After Tough Leg, Groupama Claim Third

After a relatively short journey up the coast, Groupama has finally arrived in Itajai. More importantly, they also claimed the 20 points awarded to third-placers, pushing them back up to second place, and further distancing themselves from CAMPER and PUMA.

Speaking after the arrival, Franck Cammas had nothing but praise for his crew. “The guys all did a fantastic job and I am very happy with our podium place,” said Cammas. “The mood among the guys is very good and we’re still right in this race.”

The comeback was a valiant one, after being dismasted and having to make an emergency repair stop. It seemed nearly impossible to finish after dropping to nearly three knots of speed when nearing Itajai. The important thing, however, is that they made it.

Scoreboard shakeup

The damage, however, may already be done. Telefonica, who lost first place to a victorious PUMA team, previously held a safe first-place position generally out of reach for any one team. Now, things are different. After CAMPER finishes in fourth place, the scoreboard will look like this:

1 2 3 4 5 6
Telefónica Groupama
PUMA Abu Dhabi Sanya

That places PUMA just 34 points out of first place, and totally condenses the first four positions, with just six points’ separation between the third and fourth place teams, and eight points between the second and third place teams. The bottom line is that it will surely be competitive sailing in order to secure the top three places by the end of the race.

Photo by Ian Roman / Volvo Ocean Race.