Racing Winds Blog: Now on iPhone, iPad, and Android

We’re really excited to announce that as of today, the Racing Winds Blog is available on nearly every smartphone and tablet. Using the power of Google Currents, you can read the Racing Winds Blog on your iPhone, iPad, or Android tablet or smartphone.

All Racing Winds Blog stories and our entire media library is available on Google Currents. We’re working to add and organize more content, and improvements will be made over the coming weeks. The main thing is that you’re now able to read the latest news on the go wherever you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network or using data.


  1. You will need to have Google Currents installed on your device. It’s completely free and available for download from the App Store and GooglePlay (formerly the Android Market).
  2. After you’ve got it installed, you can text racingwinds to 50500 and get the link to install the Racing Winds magazine into Google Currents. You could also follow this link. This is the only way to get Racing Winds on your Google Currents grid as the edition is brand new, and won’t appear in search.
  3. You’re all done! You can now read Racing Winds and Racing Winds Blog articles as they are published after refreshing your Google Currents edition.


Remember that this feature is brand new for us, so we’re working through the bugs with you. We’re aware that images may not appear full-size when enlarged, and that charts and boxy things still run off the page and may be formatted strangely. We’re working on those things and attempting to change them, so that your experience is still awesome. If you notice any problems, feel free to drop us a line.

Photo from Notoriety Inc.


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