[PHOTOS] New Link from Boston to Far East with Japan Airlines

It was a rainy and cold day in America’s northeast, but nothing could dampen the spirits of staff and passengers as they welcomed JA822J, a Boeing 787-8 to Boston’s Logan International Airport.

It’s a series of firsts for many involved. Today’s NRT-BOS-NRT launch is a milestone for Japan Airlines, Boeing, and GE:

  • JL8 (NRT-BOS) is the first ever direct flight between Asia and Boston.
  • JL8 is the first transpacific revenue 787 flight.
  • JL8 is the first revenue 787 flight for Japan Airlines.
  • JL8 is the first revenue 787 flight to the United States.
  • JL8 is the first revenue 787 flight powered by GE engines.

The flights, marketed as JL8 (to BOS) and JL7 (to NRT) will operate 4x weekly until June 1, when it will operate daily. More information can be found at our previous blog post.

Photos and first video courtesy of Boston Logan International Airport. Second video from debarthepilot on YouTube.