[PHOTOS] Sneak Peek: 787 Dream Tour Comes to Washington

Series: When a Dreamliner Comes to Washington

Boeing 787 at Reagan: Introduction & Sneak Peek

Boeing 787 at Reagan: Dreamliner Brings Glamour Back to Flying

Boeing 787 at Reagan: Dreamliner is a Departure from the Ordinary

Boeing 787 at Reagan: Interior Photos

Boeing 787 at Reagan: Conclusion

As I blogged about earlier, the 787 stopped by Reagan National Airport today as part of Boeing’s Dream Tour, which is currently taking ZA003, registered N787BX, to airports around the world for customer tours and media visits.

The airplane came to DCA, and I was fortunate enough to be invited. While the full post and photo gallery are still being developed, here’s a sneak peek of some of the day’s best photos from both the inside and outside of the aircraft.

While I’ll save most of the details for the full post, there’s something spectacular about this plane that I just haven’t experienced on other aircraft. Maybe it’s the bright entryway, mood lighting, and spacious overhead bins, but it seems like there’s even more glamour than just that.

Stay tuned.

All photos by Taylor Michie / Racing Winds Media.

Touching down at DCA.

Taxiing into position.

Boeing’s demo business class cabin on the 787.

Demo economy class cabin.

There’s something about this plane that makes flying feel special again.