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Travel Inspiration: Vimeo Staff Picks

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This post kicks off a series on inspired travel. We’re exploring some of the best ways to be inspired, as well as reviewing some of the best travel content around the internet and in print.

Anyone who has explored Vimeo for any period of time knows that the video sharing website is a treasure trove of high quality content. It’s more upscale and less cluttered than YouTube, and features some of the best travel videos on the web.

The best place to find the perfect video is to explore the “Staff Picks” section, where Vimeo staff curates and compiles the best content on the site. While it may take a while to find a travel video (the Staff Picks section is meant to showcase all kinds of great videos), it’ll be well worth it. We’ve compiled some of our favorites below.

Get ready for some serious wanderlust.

First: Time is Nothing by Kien Lam

Second: Move by Rick Mereki

Third: Wanderlust by Thinklab

Honorable mentions: