Boeing 787 at Reagan: Dreamliner Styling is a Departure from the Ordinary

Series: When a Dreamliner Comes to Washington

Boeing 787 at Reagan: Introduction & Sneak Peek

Boeing 787 at Reagan: Dreamliner Brings Glamour Back to Flying

Boeing 787 at Reagan: Dreamliner is a Departure from the Ordinary

Boeing 787 at Reagan: Dreamliner Interior is a Passenger’s Dream

Boeing 787 at Reagan: Conclusion

This post focuses on the exterior styling of the Dreamliner. We will focus on the interior features in a subsequent series post. 

As the 787 touches down at Reagan National Airport, I can’t help but be impressed by this aircraft. The nose, with a slightly downturned, pointed angle is mildly reminiscent of Concorde, while the swept wings invoke dragster-like thoughts. Boeing’s distinctive blue and white house colors and the “787” on the tail round out a trifecta of superior styling. Ladies and gentlemen, the next generation of airplane design has just arrived.

The 787 isn’t afraid to be bold; that’s its most redeeming attribute. Put it side by side with a 777 or A330, and the Dreamliner is the clear standout, a departure from precise aluminum and metal lines that define many planes in the air today.

Here’s a photo gallery of some of the aircraft’s defining features. We’re sure you’ll fall in love.

Photos by Taylor Michie / Racing Winds Media.