Volvo Ocean Race Boats Prepare for Spectacular Transatlantic Crossing

After yesterday’s in-port race, the boats are now preparing for the crucial leg to Lisbon. Though his boat remains in first place, Telefonica’s Iker Martinez remains cautious. “Our goal was to go into the the last leg still with options to win the race,” said Martinez. “Today we are achieving our goal, but there are still three legs left to sail.”

Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing skipper Ian Walker will continue to fight to the end, even though his team’s chances of winning are slim to none. “For sure, it’s anyone’s race for those top four boats,” Walker said at a press conference on Friday. “I wish I was there fighting it out, it is one hell of a battle. Our job now is to get in their way and try and take as many points as possible.”

With the stakes so high, it’s equally important that skippers are extra cognizant about their decisions.“This is a transatlantic crossing, if one boat makes a big slip up in the leading three or four boats, or if someone breaks something, you’re getting to the stage where you might not recover.

PUMA skipper Ken Read was motivated by the team’s previous successes, but there remains little took for anyone to rest on their laurels. “Momentum is a wonderful thing — until it’s gone,” Read said. “It’s great to talk about momentum, because that means you’ve done something great in the past, but the past is the past and we have no idea what’s going to happen in the future.”

Leg 7 will officially get underway today at 1:00 pm EDT. There will be a departure ceremony at 10:00 am EDT, which we will post pictures of after the boats depart. For those of you not in Miami, you can watch the entire departure on Livestream.

Photos by Paul Todd / Volvo Ocean Race.