Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing Finish First in Lisbon, Groupama Brings Up Second

Images // Nick Dana (Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing), Paul Todd (Volvo Ocean Race) and Ian Roman (Volvo Ocean Race).

Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing have finished first into Lisbon, Portugal, after completing the Volvo Ocean Race’s Leg 7 from Miami in just over eleven days. They were quickly followed by Franck Cammas’ Groupama Sailing Team.

The scoreboard is again going to shuffle round in the top four spots, with Groupama Sailing Team looking to move up into the top podium position. Here’s how things are shaping up, please take note of symbols in the key provided.

  1. Groupama Sailing Team: 183 points #
  2. Team Telefonica: 180 points ** #
  3. PUMA Ocean Racing: 171 points ! #
  4. CAMPER ETNZ: 169 points ** #
  5. Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing: 104 points 
  6. Team Sanya: 32 points ** !

** – this boat has not yet finished and therefore points are only speculation

# – position change

! – while not absolutely certain, there is an overwhelming likelihood that this boat will finish in this position with this number of points.

Boats with bold and italicized points are finished and their points are confirmed, as is their position on the scoreboard.

We’ll keep you updated as the boats continue to finish. Alternatively, watch the leg finish live on Livestream.


10:00 PM EDT

Here’s the final finishing order. Current positions can be found on our WindsLive page.

  1. Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing
  2. Groupama Sailing Team
  3. PUMA Ocean Racing
  4. Team Telefonica
  5. CAMPER with ETNZ
  6. Team Sanya

7:41 PM EDT

PUMA Ocean Racing has finished in third, claiming twenty points. They are temporarily in second with 171 points. PUMA will remain in a podium spot regardless of the CAMPER-Telefonica situation. Because Telefonica can only finish fourth (at best), Groupama will remain in the top position regardless of the CAMPER-Telefonica outcome.

6:32 PM EDT

PUMA is now 3nm in front of both Telefonica and CAMPER, also moving a good bit faster and more consistent. I’m confident in saying that a third-place finish is in the bag for Read and PUMA. The scenario for fourth place, however, is much less clear. It’s still anyone’s game.

6:00 PM EDT

Currently, Ken Read and PUMA Ocean Racing are 8.4 nm away from the finish, moving at a speed of 16 kts. CAMPER is 10.1 nm away from the finish, but they are sailing at nearly 19 kts. Finally, Team Telefonica, now just 10.9 nm from finish, are moving fastest at a speed of more than 21 kts. There are no assumptions to be made, folks. This is a nail biter to the finish. The only thing we are fairly certain of is that Mike Sanderson’s Team Sanya will finish in sixth place, securing their score at 32 points.