Lufthansa Prepares for First Boeing 747-8i Flight

Images / Lufthansa

This flight is extremely significant. Not only is it Lufthansa’s first flight using this aircraft, but it is the first commercial flight ever on this airplane.

Tomorrow, Lufthansa will deploy its new Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental aircraft on the Frankfurt – Washington route, operating LH416. The new aircraft features Lufthansa’s new Business Class product, lauded by many, as well as their First and Economy class products. The plane is scheduled to be deployed on routes to Los Angeles, Chicago, Delhi, and Bangalore later.

Lufthansa is hosting press events in Frankfurt (unfortunately, where we’re not). You can stay up to speed on these events by following these people on Twitter and/or Instagram and/or their blogs. But don’t worry, we’re not completely left out! We’ve been invited to Dulles tomorrow to meet the plane as it lands, and you best bet we’ll be posting some pictures on our Twitter and Instagram feeds.


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