Schönheit: Lufthansa Wows With New 747-8i

Photo by Taylor Michie / Racing Winds Media.

We reported yesterday on the arrival of Lufthansa’s newest aircraft, the Boeing 747-8i. Now, we’re back again with some more pictures and interior impressions. (Note: To round out our coverage of the Boeing 747-8’s Washington arrival, we’ll be publishing a post dedicated to the features of the business  tomorrow!)

We hope it was an unforgettable flight for you. It sure was for us. 

-Lufthansa flight attendant upon arrival at Dulles

Standing on the tarmac at Washington Dulles International Airport, with probably fifty other members of the media beside me, we all let out a collective gasp as Lufthansa’s new Queen of the Skies touches down on runway 19C. There’s only enough time to catch a breath before the cameras start clicking.

As the beast rolls down the runway, we’re herded back into Dulles’ famous “people-movers,” and we race to the gate to get set up for the water cannon salute. The 747-8 rounds the corner, and the fire trucks start spraying. Under a graceful arc of water, D-ABYA taxis to gate B47, before coming to a dramatic, pronounced stop. There’s no lying about this one: the Lufthansa colors on that bird look real good. Real good.

The interior is just as nice as the exterior. The business class cabin is a soothing example of airplane feng shui. Browns and greys accented with a bit of Lufthansa blue make the cabin warm and inviting without being garish or in-your-face. We’ll save the good business class tidbits for tomorrow, but it’s a great product.

Down in back, where most of us will end up riding, Lufthansa has done their part to try and make sure that the cabin is as comfortable as possible. There’s two AC power ports for each row of three seats, and a USB jack at each seat for iPhone charging. Personal TVs are nice and large, with an ample amount of adjustability, and small touches like the seat’s external cupholder, built so you don’t have to pull the entire tray table out, is quite the nice feature. The seats are comfortable and relatively wide, making those long-haul flights more bearable.

Check out our full gallery of Lufthansa’s Boeing 747-8, including onboard photos.

For a video, Jaunted’s Cynthia Drescher was onboard the inaugural flight. Here’s a takeoff/landing/etc. video from her below. Jaunted also has some great pics from the flight itself, if you want to check those out. You can also visit the websites of David Parker Brown and Mary Kirby for coverage.

Special thanks to the awesome PR team at Lufthansa for allowing us to attend this event!