The Rundown: Lufthansa’s New Business Class

This is the final part in our coverage of the Lufthansa Boeing 747-8i event at Washington Dulles International Airport. We were allowed onboard for aircraft tours, and got to experience the new Business class seat while on the ground. Here are our impressions of the seat itself.

Lufthansa’s old Business class product was perhaps one of the airline’s downfalls. However, this new product brings Lufthansa back up to speed with other airlines. We got to sit in one of the upper deck seats on Lufthansa’s new Boeing 747-8i, and we really like it. Here’s a rundown of some of the product features


The seat itself is very comfortable, and the controls are intuitive and easy to use. The colors are great, with the right mix of greys, browns, and blues, complemented with the yellow Lufthansa crane on the headrest. Though the plane was open for media tours, it was already set up to operate LH419 to Frankfurt just a couple of hours after the event. There was a large pillow and wrapped blanket already set up on the seat. Another awesome feature of this seat is that the armrest goes down. This is a huge win for sleepers. Instead of being confined into the confines of the seat, the lowered frees up some space between the window and the storage bins, making for a more comfortable sleeping experience.

The seat.

Seat controls. The seat is uber-adjustible, but features three “quick” options, for dining, lounging, or sleeping.


The new IFE system is spectacular, simply in terms of design. Since the plane wasn’t in service at this point, we didn’t get to explore the content offerings. But the design itself was a step up from other comparable products. The TV not only slides to the right (to be more in your direct line of sight), but also can angle forward or backward. This is a huge improvement, because sometimes glare can completely ruin a perfectly good movie. I like having the windows a bit open during the flight, so I can look out. However, glare sometimes makes that impossible. The TVs in Lufthansa’s Business class fix this problem.

The detachable remote is stored in the center console between the two seats. It not only has the standard buttons for playback, but also has a nice shortcut to the moving map / flight information screen, as well as one that operates the overhead light. The seat has the standard overhead light, as well as a flexible reading light stored in the headrest.

The detachable remote.

Reading light on the Business class seat.


We think Lufthansa’s got a winner with this product. It’s comfortable, relatively spacious, and has plenty of storage for your stuff. Spending ten hours or more in a seat like this would be no problem. Compared to the reviews we’ve seen of Lufthansa’s old Business class seat, this one addresses a lot of the issues, and, most importantly, is now a true lie-flat seat. Two thumbs up.

Check out more photos of Lufthansa’s new Business class.

Photos by Taylor Michie / Racing Winds Media.


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