Boarding Notes: A Look at Virgin America’s New Banana Republic Uniforms

Virgin America

It’s no secret that San Francisco-based Virgin America is one sexy airline. It almost seems part of their culture to do everything with a very nouveau-yet-elegant approach. They’re trendy, but not flamboyant.

They’ve taken this sense of being to new heights with the introduction of new cabin crew uniforms, designed exclusively for them by Banana Republic, also SF-based. According to a Virgin fact sheet, “The new uniforms mark the joint efforts of Virgin America and Banana Republic to elevate the style quotient of everyday work- wear.”

And they certainly have.

The Uniform

As you’ll see in the video at the end of the post, Virgin executives and Banana Republic designers worked extensively with airline employees to hear their comments and insights, so that the new uniforms are both aesthetically appealing as well as functional.

Some of the choice features of Virgin America’s new uniforms:

  • Spandex added to shirts, pants and skirts to provide better recovery and ease of movement.
  • Longer-length shirts preserve a neat appearance and prevent shirttails from becoming un-tucked.
  • An additional top-entry chest pocket on the pilots shirts to hold passports, sunglasses and pens.
  • Colors and fabrics that withstand long wear and multiple dry cleanings.

All in all, it seems that Virgin has attempted to create a uniform that both fits the functionality needs of its flight attendants and pilots, as well as one that looks good to the flying public.

Virgin America

Our Thoughts

We like the new uniforms. They look very stylish, and the flight attendant uniforms are very hip without being too hip. The pilot uniforms, on the other hand, are more interesting. For me, it’s hard to distinguish the pilot uniform from the male cabin crew uniform. If not for the epaulets, it would be almost impossible to tell.

Overall, the uniforms look great. Kudos to Virgin America for stepping out and doing something a bit different.

(By the way, you’ll be able to get in on some uniform goodies on August 7th, the day before the new uniform rolls out across the Virgin America network. Look for Virgin America uniform accessories on or on seatback (RED) screens on Virgin America flights everywhere.)

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