Air New Zealand Introduces New Livery, Logo

Auckland-based Air New Zealand today announced the introduction of a new logo, as well as a livery modification for all new aircraft entering the fleet. The tails of all incoming aircraft will be painted black instead of the blue-green that currently adorn Air New Zealand tails everywhere.

Air New Zealand CEO Rob Fyfe said, “Our iconic symbol, the Koru, will remain but it will be set within our national colour rather than the blue and green tones on our tails today. Alongside this change we are introducing a new lettering style for the Air New Zealand name, which will adorn all our new aircraft.” The new lettering style is shown below.

Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand is no stranger to black liveries, though. We’ve previously posted about their awesome-looking All Blacks livery, which they introduced last year on one of their Boeing 777-300 aircraft. While the tails painted in the new livery won’t look exactly like the All Blacks tail, it should give a reasonable idea of what an aircraft with the new livery will look like.

It is unclear whether existing aircraft will receive the livery modification as well.

Featured photo by Rotate34, from SmugMug.

Current Air New Zealand tail. Photo via