Roundup: The Best Instagram Photos from London

We were all awed by the Games of the XXX Olympiad, which finished this past Sunday in London. Regardless of what you think about NBC, you’d be hard pressed to express an outright disappointment about how the Games were executed. There were some great events, lots of close calls, and comments that certain athletes may never live down.

What we loved most about the Olympics was the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. Perhaps there’s something about all the tradition, all the protocol that’s involved, or maybe it was Paul McCartney. But anyway, both ceremonies were spectacles to be beheld.

Before the Games began, we put out an open call on the Blog to share your Instagram photos with us. Now that the Olympics are over, we’ve gone through Instagram and found some of the best Olympics-related and London-related shots. We’ve looked carefully, and we’re only identifying photos in this post that appear to have been taken with a mobile device. (Apparently it’s all the rage these days to take news outlet photos and then post them to your Instagram).

Here’s what we came up with.

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London Eye photo from Flickr / JibbysColU.

Instagram photos from users as noted. All rights reserved.

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