Part One: Ethiopian’s First 787 Visits Dulles and the World

Taylor Michie / Racing Winds Media

This post kicks off a three-part series in which we explore every aspect of Ethiopian Airlines’ first Boeing 787. Today’s post has the details of the aircraft’s delivery in Seattle and arrival in Washington. Tomorrow, we’ll take a look at the interior of the plane, and on Thursday, we’ll follow the 787 to Africa. Stay tuned.

Last week, we were at Washington Dulles International Airport watching Ethiopian Airlines’ first Boeing 787, registered ET-AOQ, touch down on part one of its two-part delivery flight. The next day, the aircraft flew from Dulles to Addis Ababa’s Bole International Airport, where it received an incredibly enthusiastic welcome. Just a day later, the 787 was back in the sky, this time for a sightseeing flight around Mount Kilimanjaro. Clearly, Ethiopian’s first 787 is already a citizen of the world. Built in Seattle, delivered to Dulles, paraded in Ethiopia, and flown around Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro.

While we weren’t on part two of the 787’s delivery flight, our friend Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren of was, as well as Ghim-Lay Yeo of Flightglobal. Using what information we have, as well as some of their spectacular coverage, this post could be considered a comprehensive look of all things Ethiopian 787-8. Let’s start at the beginning ….

August 14: Everett, WA

Ethiopian Airlines takes delivery of its first Boeing 787 on the Compass Rose at Boeing’s Paine Field facility.

See story and photos from

August 15: Sterling, VA

The aircraft is flown from Paine Field in Everett to Washington Dulles Airport, touching down just after 2:15 pm local time. Standing out on the taxiway, Racing Winds Blog managing editor Taylor Michie is on hand to capture the plane’s touchdown and rollout, as well as the subsequent arrival at a remote stand.

See arrival photo gallery, including photos of the water cannon salute and marshalling in.

Arrival videos courtesy of Rubin Tian.


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